Cortex Pro Color Changing Brushes – the bristles change color, turning red when exposed to heat, so you can see the even heat distribution as you style your hair.

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CortexPro ProBrush Kit with Thermalon Technology

When it comes to blow drying your hair, half the secret is in the brush. Luxury professional tools, sleek feel, ergonomically sound for hours of use. All the bells and whistles that the pros need and all the flash and shine that we want at home.

CortexPro introduces the ProBrush Kit from the Professional Line. Our revolutionary heat-activated round ProBrush is the secret to salon-quality blowouts. It perfectly smoothes and straightens all hair lengths and types. safer. o​ change color from brown to vibrant red as the heat increases, peaking at 140​ F. The Pro ​ Its ionized nylon bristles make it easier to detangle the hair, but what really makes the difference is that they gradually Brush also features natural boar bristles, which help eliminate unwanted frizz. 

For the MOST durable results, section the hair, wrap a strand around our ProBrush, then direct the hot air from the dryer to it ​and wait for the bristles to turn red. When that happens, slowly bring ​the brush down on circular motions. To finish the look, blast cool air on the hair for a few seconds, as it will help set the shape.

The tourmaline ceramic coated barrel distributes heat evenly, making the process quicker and allows hair to dry most efficiently.



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