Braided Festival Mohawk by Antonio Estrada Ft. CortexPro

For hairdressers, this HAS become one of our most creative years, BECAUSE we have to think out of the box to develop our inner artists. What is more NOW than hair accessories, bubbly braids and looooooong quarantine hair? Festival Braided MOHAWK! As the clients get back to our chairs, we need to be able to show them something new, something sparkly, and something that will make them feel like queens, but look like they’re going to Bey’s concert too. **wink**


Antonio & CortexPro Bling You a Different Ponytail

Antonio Estrada is a hairdresser that takes the world around him and brings it to the hair he is creating, and just guess what the world looks like around #STYLEZSTUDIO? Our production stu

dios are located in Brickell, Miami, the building clad metropolitan area of the beach city, and he basically recreated the buildings around him into a ponytail. Plus summer in Miami are HOOOOT in the best way, but not for hair, so he created a Miami look for the season that is keeping us tan and sun kissed.

NO NO, PONYTAILS ARE NOT BOING and we can prove it to you as simply as the look itself.

Using solid foundations, exceptional tools and a dive into his craft kit, he took our model from blah to club night ready. Of course, a classy club, this look can easily transition from work, to picking up the babes, to happy hour, and to the sexiest date night!

Best of all, it’s a FRESH summer look that sweat will not destroy. Challenge your imagination and follow Antonio as if you were in your personal one-on-one class, with detailed step-by-steps, in the FULL WEBINAR on Stylez App!


Beachy Wavy Lala by Antonio Estrada Ft. CortexPro!

In this little hair recipe, we see celebrity hairdresser Antonio Estrada using the new Cortex Pro line to transform our sweetest friend and educator, Lala Chihaia, known for her bridal beauty genius on @lalasupdos, into a beachy beauty.

2020 is the year of textured hair. Now more than ever are we celebrating the beauty of the many shapes that hair can create. When we use heat to alter the shape of the hair, it has to be done with the right tools and technique to keep hair at its healthiest .